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My furnace is equipped with thermocouple other than K or S

We do not recommend to change the thermocouple in the furnace. The exact sample temperature can be obtained by reading the ProboStat thermocouple by other means. Overriding the furnace thermocouple with one coming from ProboStat is also risky, imagine forgetting the ProboStat on table while turning the furnace on; the furnace would melt the heating element. However, that is the way some users have it set. If such arrangement is required (since it is good for sealing) then a special furnace with over-temperature protection should be used, or some other safegueard used to prevent the described scenario.

The S-type thermocouples from ProboStat can be read many ways. Many handheld multimeters have S-type thermocouple as input. The thermocouple voltage can also be read with regular lb multimeters and converted into temperature by using tables or conversion functions. In fact, if you plan to use the MOSE, this is the way it is done. The MOSE has in it both S-type thermocouple and the oygen sensor, both needs to be read to accurate results.

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