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ProboStat Heating Mantle 600ºC

The ProboStat heating mantle consists of the heating mantle, PID control unit and the power supply.

The heating mantle is built onto the alumina enclosing tube of ProboStat, and has power (banana) connectors and K-type thermocouple connector. These connectors connect to the PID control box that has a simple PID controller that is capable of reaching and maintaining a user defined temperature. The mains power supply provides 24 VDC up to 11.67 A and the power is regulated by the PID controller using solid state relay and the feedback from the thermocouple inside the heating mantle construct.

The heating mantle heats the ProboStat setup easily to 600°C. Higher temperatures are possible but the insulation will give odor in the first uses and therefore must be used inside a fume hood.

Special versions are available on request (at a surcharge)

At time of order do define the ProboStat system length (the cm length of the alumina enclosing tube)

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