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Furnace 1200ºC (FM-3)

FM-3 Furnace for ProboStat
Heated length: 250 mm
Height: Suitable for any ProboStat system
Max. furnace temperature: 1200°C
Mains voltage: Single phase 230 VAC or 110 VAC (to be specified at order)
Eurotherm PID controller with Omega compatible communications on separate enclosure
Low voltage furnaces
We can design and manufacture custom PID furnaces using direct current and low voltage < 40 VDC for special applications for temperatures up to 450ºC

Temperature control and software
The furnace can be controlled manually from the front panel. It is possible to program the controller to perform steps and ramps. This, however is a bit cumbersome. A better way is to have software take care of it; entering the desired behavior is much easier than manual programming from controller front panel, and with software one can perform unlimited steps, and have a record of the furnace temperature as well.
There are two separate software that can do the furnace control. The first and the simpler one is called Omega Temp which allows user to easily program ramps and dwells from easy user interface. The second one is full out measurement, automation and data acquisition software, where furnace control is only a small part of the software, and is slightly confusingly called Omega. The latter (Omega) is more complicated and can be used to orchestrate complicated measurement setups with a range of various different instruments

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