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PEM sample holder

The newly designed PEM sample holder is a small, compact unit for 4-electrode conductivity measurements of self-standing polymer film slabs (e.g. PEM). The sample holder is designed for and will fit any ProboStat™ unit. Temperature range from RT to ›200°C. A heated ProboStat™ base unit allows high steam contents if desired. In combination with the HumiStat tailor-made gas mixer and humidifier, this forms a high throughput measurement system for PEM conductivity at high temperatures and controlled partial pressures of water vapour.

Together, the HumiStat and the heated ProboStat™ base unit with sample holder for small PEM slabs, offers a simple and price-economic alternative to larger PEM characterization systems on the market.

A standard potentiostat with impedance spectrometer (frequency response analyzer, FRA) will be suitable for most samples and measurements.




Core material:  PEEK
Electrodes:  4 electrodes in the shape of 4 integrated wires
Electrode wires:  Au (default), Pt or Ag (all replaceable)
Contact from ProboStat™ base unit:  Standard Pt or any other metal (e.g. Cu) wires
Mounting:  Any length standard ProboStat™ 20 mm support tube
Sample fixation:  Standard ProboStat™ spring load system
Temperature range:  RT - 200-300°C
Heating:  Heating mantle or tubular furnace (not included)
Atmosphere (ProboStat™):  Oxidizing, inert, reducing, corrosive, wet or dry



PEM sample holder brochure.pdf

HumiStat brochure.pdf

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