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Electrical ratings of feedthroughs

Any single feedthrough is rated for 100 V and 5 A.

Special versions of ProboStat can be delivered where part of the standard feedthroughs are replaced with high current (15 A) or high voltage (10 kV) special feedthroughs.

For durability reasons the high current feedthroughs are not available for ProboStat base units that are equipped with base unit heating and/or high pressure. Work-around for this limitation is to split your current between the available free feedthroughs. Using 3 standard feedthroughs parallel would allows currents of 15A. The current is split into three paths, connected accordingly to ProboStat outlets. Special attention must be paid to the wiring scheme of ProboStat. Each path is then combined inside ProboStat. Same arrangement must be done both for ingoing and outgoing current. The amperage will automatically distribute evenly between the paths. Pins 1, 9 and 11 should not be used as they have higher resistance. For 15 A current make sure you have 6 bnc to banana connectors, 6 awg 22 female mini contacts, 2 awg 20 male mini contacts and 2 awg 20 female mini contacts, or similar.

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