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Welcome to NORECS AS

We specialize in equipment for characterization of electrical properties of materials at high temperatures up to 1600ºC and under controlled atmospheres, atmosphere control (gas mixers of all sorts) and measurement control and automation software.

Our main product, The ProboStat™ sample holder system is in use in highly recognized universities, institutes, and industries such as NASA, MIT and GE in more than 20 countries worldwide, notably USA and Japan, and in EU.

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  • Large sample setup

A new setup has been developed on customers request. It is specialized for measurements on disk samples with diameters 25 to 60 mm. The Large sample setup is compatible with the standard ProboStat™ base unit. It is applicable for measurements of electrical properties in the ProboStat single atmosphere mode.

  • HumiStat - new laboratory gas mixer with large dynamic mixing rate and humidification

NORECS now offers a small-footprint gas mixer suitable for low-flow laboratory use such as materials- and button fuel cell research, where large dynamic dilution range, accuracy, and automated step-programs are important. The accompanying software is simple, and guides the user step-by-step through the definition of mixtures and describes the mixture in all typical units.


- Dynamic mixing of two input gases and one input fluid (all upon request)
- Fully continuous, truly dynamic range, allowing accurate gas dilutions all the way from 2·10-5 (20 ppm) to 100%.
- Continuous range of water vapour levels from bottle dry gas to pure steam.
- The mixer is not limited only to H2O as the evaporating fluid.
- The operating cycle is perpetual; gas mixture production can run while more water (or other fluid) is being added.
- Flow of the gases are typically < 100 mln/min, but can be adjusted per request.
- Competitive pricing.


  • Platinum ink

Platinum ink, supplied by NORECS, is an excellent conductor of current containing no less than 70% Platinum by weight. This is a great ink for making electrical connections for testing of fuel cells, ceramic substrates, electrochemical materials, and metals.

Contact us for more information.


  • Advanced ceramic oxide materials

NORECS supplies a wide range of customized ceramic oxide powders for advanced energy applications:

- electrolyte, cathode, and anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells,

- materials for gas separation membranes,

- lead-free electroceramics, etc.


  • Supports with integrated electrodes for films and 2D materials
    NORECS now offers two new ranges of supports with integrated electrodes for measurements on films
    Interdigitated Electrode Arrays (IDAs) for deposited thin films and 2D materials
    Here we will supply a fixture for standard IDAs from various suppliers, as well as custom IDAs. Measurements in a ProboStat allow elevated temperatures and controlled atmospheres. 
    4-electrode supports for self-standing polymer films
    For conductivity measurements of polymer film slabs (e.g. PEM) we now develop a support with 4 electrodes in the shape of 4 integrated wires. The support can be mounted in existing or new ProboStats at any height of 20 mm support tubes. Expected temperature range from RT to 200-300°C, so heating can suitably be done with a heating mantle. Heated base units allows high steam contents if desired. Electrode wires of Au (default) or e.g. Pt or Ag. Contacts to the support from the ProboStat base can be done using standard ProboStat style Pt electrode contacts or simply Cu wire.

    Contact us
    for more information.

  • Ceramic oxide powders

    From now NORECS can supply materials for advanced energy applications.
  • Free high quality pictures pictures/

  • BZY15 samples -

  • BZY15-Ni disk samples

    Several perovskite structured solid-oxide electrolytes hydrate in the presence of water vapour and become proton conducting below 700°C. Yttrium-substituted barium zirconate (BZY) is considered to be one of the candidate materials for proton ceramic fuel cells (PCFCs) and electrolyzer cells (PCEC)due to its high proton conductivity and chemical stability towards H2O and CO2 containing atmospheres. NORECS now offers in-house made dense BZY15-Ni button cells (BaZr0.85Y0.15O3 + 1 wt% NiO) produced by Solid State Reaction Sintering (SSRS). They are suitable for tutorial studies of proton conduction, impedance spectroscopy of bulk, grain boundary, and electrode impedances, and standard electrolyte for testing of electrodes for PCFCs and PCECs.

    Dimensions: Diameter ~18 mm, thickness 1-2 mm.

    The disks can be mounted on any ProboStat™ system equipped with an up to 20 mmØ sample support tube assembly, or other user custom setups.


  • ProboStat™ base unit with selected 15 A feedthroughs

    Standard ProboStat™ base units can now be delivered with high current capacity on selected electrical feedthroughs, tested with 15 A long-term. (Standard feedthroughs are rated at 5 A). Two feedthroughs can be connected in parallel to double the capacity. High current feedthroughs may be useful for ohmic heating of tubular gas separation membranes, for large-area electrodes on tubular fuel cells and electrolyzer cells, and for custom user setups. Note: High current feedthroughs require use of high-conductance wires in the hot zone, typically 1 mm diameter Pt or Ag, or 0.5 mm Au, to avoid overheating and melting of the contact, and that the contact to the wire is made with a high-temperature solder.


  • "MOSE" high precision oxygen sensor assembly

    We can now deliver oxygen sensor mounted ready for use in any standard ProboStat™ system ("MOSE"). MOSE has built-in metal reference so no reference gas is required. It has high resistance to thermal shocks. This miniaturized sensor (diameter = 3 mm, length 10 mm) is suitable for measuring continuously partial pressure variation from 10-35 to 10 atm. Working temperature range for the normal version is 500 to 800°C, but high temperature version with range 600°C to 1050°C is also available. Both types can be made with either S- or K-type thermocouple. Instrumentation for reading the signal and measuring the temperature is optional. > 1000 MΩ input impedance is required. Picture below shows the tip of the MOSE next to a ProboStat™ sample support tube.



  • Please check Flow-section of our pages for Vögtlin flowmeters, controllers and valves. We are representative for Vögtlin in Norway.
  • New high temperature ProboStat™ base unit versions

Base unit that tolerates heating up to 165°C. Suitable in any type of measurements where you need to avoid water condensation or carbon precipitation in the internal ProboStat™ gas lines.

  • Sample preparation lab-ware

We offer equipment and consumables for ceramic sample preparation from well-known manufacturers:
- Laboratory press
- Desiccator
- Mortar
- Pellet die set
- Consumables like spatulas, powder containers, pipettes, alumina plates, crucibles and combustion trays.

  • Measurement services

We offer measurement services at elevated temperatures in case you want:
- single electrical characterization of your sample
- tests under controlled atmospheres but don’t have sufficient gas system in your lab
- test measurements before deciding whether the ProboStat™ system is the correct test features for your needs
- troubleshooting that cannot be solved directly via emails
- measurement training
or in case you don’t have the suitable measurement instrumentation.

  • Custom software

- Data acquisition or control for sensors, devices & instruments (USB, GPIB or Serial port)
- Plotting, calculating, converting data.



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