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Omega measurement and control software

Omega software is flexible measurement software for voltage, current, resistance, impedance, temperature or gas flow related measurements. It can measure but also control the instruments; ramp furnaces, manage gas mixing and apply currents. Experiments can be automated and actions, for example impedance sweeps, can automatically trigger at set conditions such as temperature or conductivity equilibrium.

Omega software is essential part of ProboStat systems that are sold with Furnace and/or other equipment such as impedance spectrometers, multimeter, sourcemeters or mass flow controllers. The Omega software is also is only the software in the market that can to automate a measurement setup that includes multiple instruments from multiple separate suppliers, where all the equipment is interconnected.

The experiments can be of standard default types or the user can define any type of measurement using combination of connected instruments: Impedance spectrometers, mass flow controllers, furnaces, voltmeters and so on. Data from each and all instruments can be collected, treated and plotted freely in whichever way makes most sense to the experiment in hand.

Typical uses include, but not restricted to:

  • AC and DC resistance/conductance measurements with 2, 3 or 4 points
  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Temperature measurement and control of setpoint and ramp rate from/to furnaces
  • Controlling and measuring mass flow controllers to control sample atmosphere or atmosphere gradient
  • Temperature measurements with thermocouples and thermistors using multimeters 
  • DC voltage measurement (for EMF transport number, fuel cell test, Seebeck coefficient, oxygen sensors, thermocouples, etc.)
  • DC current measurements (pressure sensors, flowmeters and in general all sorts of sensors with analog outputs)
  • DC current control (electrochemical cells, heaters, coulometric titration, motors, pumps, etc.)
  • Commanding signal switching instruments (multiple input sources, rotating electrodes for van der Pauw measurement, reverse and average voltage measurements to cancel thermal voltages etc.)
  • Plot measured raw data or use mathematical expressions and functions such as solve van der Pauw or convert (thermocouple) voltages to temperatures
  • Saving graphs as images with publishable quality
  • Exporting data in csv format, and impedance results as Z-View or Equilibrium circuit format

Omega can control GPIB devices such Solartron, Agilent, Hewlett-Packard, Novocontrol etc. and serial port devices such as Eurotherm 2216 or Vögtlin Smart mass flow controllers. Full list of supported instruments can be found later on this page.

The software has auto-search feature to find all attached devices automatically eliminating the need for tedious manual configuring, and possibility to save and load the configuration files.

Distribution of the software is a single executable file. There is no installation process. The program will run on any Windows based machine without any additional software or platforms needed. All required cables are included in the distribution package.

Instrument sharing and signal switching

Good quality impedance spectrometers are by far the most expensive component of a relevant measurement system. It is possible to share an impedance spectrometer and multimeter amongst a number of individual sample holders in their separate furnaces. Omega software running on a single computer with an additional signal switching unit can sequence all the desired measurements and connect impedance spectrometer and or multimeter to each sample holder cell in turns. Additional benefit of such switching unit is that that switching also allows automated reversing and rotating of electrode order; good for reverse and average with DC to eliminate offset voltages, and for van der Pauw measurements.

Other features

The software includes sophisticated expression parser allowing the user to plot complex mathematical expressions including functions such as "thermopower of platinum", "s-type thermocouple voltage to temperature" or "solve van der pauw equation".

Measurements in Omega can go on for as long as you need them to, for weeks or even months. There is no limit for simultaneous measurements, so a conductivity measurement can run indefinitely indicating the equilibriums while a number of sweep measurements can be executed when appropriate.

All graphs are fully customizable, and can be exported in publish quality as bmp, jpg and png.

The program is also free to be copied and ran in other computers, such as home or office computers. It is thus possible to further review the saved measurements, and tune or create the plots and graphs in the comfort of a proper working desk, or finalize publishable graphs or study relations between the measured properties using the math parser.

More example uses for the Omega software can be found in the manual.

Supported instruments include (but not limited to)

  • Novocontrol Alpha A series with ZG4 (EIS)
  • Solartron 1260 (EIS)
  • Hioki 3522-50 (ESI)
  • Hewlett-Packard 4192A (EIS)
  • Solartron 1287 (POTGAL)
  • Keithley 2000, 2001, 2010 etc. (DMM)
  • Keithley 2400 series (Sourcemeter)
  • Keithley 2200 series (Power supply)
  • Agilent 34970A (DMM)
  • Agilent 34420A (DMM)
  • Agilent E3642A (DMM)
  • Vögtlin smart series mass flow controllers
  • Bronkhorst mass flow controllers through DDE
  • Eurotherm 2200, 2400 and 3200 series furnace controllers
  • Pickering switches
  • Other Instruments may also be added on request, communication through GPIB or serial port/Modbus.
To get a free evaluation copy and the manual of the software go to the downloads section.

CMR Heating test 2-CMR heating test, flange next to furnace bottom 7

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