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Extensive System

Typical use

The package comes with manuals, tools, simple mounting bench stand, etc. in a sturdy aluminium transport and storage case. The pictures show parts of a system as packed in the transport and storage case; layer with base unit, stand, tools, cables (top), layer with mainly enclosing tubes, and sample support tubes (bottom) and layer with electrode contacts, thermocouples, spring loads and gas tubes (middle).

Such a package would be suitable for laboratories which value the cost-effectiveness of direct acquirement of new techniques without trial and error and development time.

The example may also be a suitable system for a PhD or post-doc project where a large range of techniques are expected to be applied in the studies of a material or class of materials.

Possible further upgrades comprise, for instance, an extra base unit to double the throughput of measurements by using the accessories more effectively, YSZ replacing alumina in supports for certain types of SOFC work, and spare parts.

System contains (subject to minor changes upon improvements in the product)

The  ProboStat™ Accessories Overview indicates schematically the types of electrode contacts and thermocouples that can be supplied by us. They are all included in the extensively furnished system package.

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