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ACIS System

ProboStat™ ACIS is a sample holder dedicated for AC conductivity measurements and 2-electrode impedance spectroscopy on small disk samples at high temperatures and under controlled atmospheres.

Special design of the hot-zone parts facilitates mounting and replacement of test samples compared with the standard ProboStat™ furnishment.

The test sample rests in a support tube, is contacted by electrode connects, and held stably in place with a spring load assembly. The setup is assembled in a single chamber mode and can be fed with virtually any gas. The sample holder is designed to operate at near-atmospheric pressure, but can be pumped to low vacuum, or hold up to 15 bar. Electrical connections are made via standard coax cables.

ProboStat™ ACIS Compatibility

The system is supplied with a standard ProboStat™ base unit and can be expanded for any sample geometries and measurements that ProboStat™ can support.

The ProboStat™ ACIS works well with all instrumentation such as impedance spectrometers, LCR meters and potentiostats from Solartron, PAR, Novocontrol, Autolab, Gamry, HP/Agilent, etc.

ProboStat™ ACIS Specifications

Temperature range:


Base unit:

Hot zone parts:

Test sample size:

Outer system dimentions:

Materials properties measured and applicable methods:

Fig. ProboStat™ ACIS setup:

  1. Spring-loaded system
  2. Test sample
  3. Electrode contacts
  4. Sample support tube. The standard thermocouple is inside of the sample support tube.

Download leaflet

Download ProboStat™ ACIS system manual

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