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ProboStat™ Systems

Each ProboStat™ system includes a range of accessories. Some of these parts are general purpose, and some of them are specific to certain measurement methods. Below are listed some typical configurations and their uses.

Table of possible methods versus system type as PDF.

Extensive system typical use:

High voltage normal system typical use:

Also for regular characterization of dielectrics and electroceramics:

Normal plus system typical use:

Normal system typical use:

Minimum system typical use:
(after separate purchase or fabrication of small parts, simple tools, thermocouple and electrode contacts)

Base unit system

An option for those who want to make their own accessories and connections from scratch. It may also serve those who want to equip an earlier package with one or more base units to increase measurement throughput and make better use of all accessories.

ACIS system

ProboStatTM ACIS is a sample holder dedicated for AC conductivity measurements and 2-electrode impedance spectroscopy on small disk samples at high temperatures and under controlled atmospheres.

Specific systems

We can design a system specifically for your needs. Please contact us with the enquiry form and we will recommend system setup for you.

Base unit heating

Avoid undesired reactions in the cold zone.

S- or K-type thermocouple

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